M# is a breakthrough in software development productivity.

It enables you to build robust .NET business applications and complex websites 4X faster than before.

M# is compiled to standard ASP.NET MVC and C# code. So it's safe to adopt for mission critical projects.

M# has empowered successful .NET solutions for 100s of organisations, including:

What Users Say

Hear the story from the developers and project managers who have been actively using M# to deliver their mission critical projects.

"We have been using M# for the past six months, and can honestly say the impact it has made to our development team has been outstanding. We have a small development team, which is why it is even more important that productivity is improved in any possible areas. M# has achieved this with projects that we would expect to take around six months, are being completed in under two.

The framework is feature rich, with many modules or functions already in place. I am yet to require something that has not already been thought of. What we also like about the UI is that it helps you become a better developer, and code to standards by pointing things out that could be done better.
Peter Ranson, Managing Director, 4X Solutions Ltd