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Button Templates

In this lesson we will learn about setting up button templates. Button templates are used to style and customise button layout in modules. For more information on applying these templates please read Customising Layout Button

Button templates are managed in project settings as shown below:

M# by default generates two templates, which you might have seen in different screenshots in other tutorials. The settings specified here are used to generate images for each button. M# places all the generated button images inside “Website/Images/TextButtons” folder.

The section shown in above screenshot can only be used to customise the text shown on an image button. In order to setup a template you must place an image template file inside “@M#\@Manual\ImageButtonTemplates” of your project folder, as shown below

Important: Button image template files must be copied to the “ImageButtonTemplate” folder and the template name in M# settings must be same as the file name.

All the button images generated by M# are stored in “Images/TextImages” folder under website project folder, as shown below: