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Learn to build .NET applications with M#. Our step-by-step tutorials will get you up-to-speed rapidly.
If you already know ASP.NET and C#, you can master M# in a week or two.

Hello World

In this lesson, we will create a simple Hello World Project and see how M# facilitates faster development of web applications, while focusing on best practices. After walking through this lesson, you will be able to create, set up and browse the website.

Creating a New Project

Creating a new M# project is very simple. You specify the project’s “Name" and "Location” settings and M# creates a new project from the default template. Follow the steps below to create a new Project in M#.


Access M# Explorer.

Click on “Create a New Project”

Specify Name, Root Directory, Database mode, Theme and Database folder.

Click “Create” button.

Note: For more details on project creation and file structure, please refer to: The IDE, Visual Studio, XML Meta lesson in Chapter one

M# creates a new project “Hello World” and opens the development environment in your default browser.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a .Net development solution, with three fundamental projects, within a minute using M#’s intelligent code generation technology. At this stage, you not only have a visual studio solution based on best design practices, also a compilable and runnable .Net solution using a default website template.

Setting up Website

M# requires no extra routines or actions to be performed in order to make the website available in a bowser. By default, M# registers the website in “IIS Express” and allows you to browse the website using “localHost”. You can access IIS Express from the system tray. In order to browse website using IIS Express follow the steps below:

Access IIS Express from Window’s system tray.

Right click on IIS Express and expand “Website (HelloWorld)”

Important: You can also browse the pages from M# using the “Browse” option within the Module’s "Top Menu”. For more information, please refer to: The IDE, Visual Studio, XML Meta lesson’s “Module Management” Section in Chapter one

If you want to set up the website in IIS, you just need to set up the “Website” Project folder.

Open the IIS management console.

Expand the IIS server node.

Right click on “Site” and click “Add New Website”

Provide the required details for “Site Name, Physical Path and Hostname etc”

Click “Ok".

You should now have the website set up and browsable in any web explorer, as shown below :

Setting up Host Name in M#

In order to browse via the “Host Name” set up in IIS from M#, you need to specify the Host Name (you specified during IIS setup) of the website in M# Project settings, Please follow the steps below:


Go to the M#’s Development Environment (Main UI).

Hover over the “Project” link available in the left hand side “Project Management” section

Click “settings”.

M# Project Settings will be displayed.

Type or select “Root URL” from the project settings, as shown below.

Next, specify the "Host Name" you have setup in IIS (In our case it’s: http://helloworld.msharp.ge )

And click "Build".

Note: It is very important to “Build” the project every time you change something as shown in picture below. Otherwise any changes will not be cascaded to the project outside of the M# environment.

Now you will be able to browse the website from M# using the Host Name you set up in IIS.