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There are cases in applications, where you need to log certain events for future investigation, debugging, etc. This tutorial describes the IApplicationEvent interface defined in M# framework, which enables you to log application events in the database. M# framework logs some important application events internally, so Instead of writing your own solution (such as File creation) or third party solutions, you should always have a managed entity type in the modal which implements IApplicationEvent interface.


For the purpose of explanation, we have created a simple managed entity type IApplicationEvent which contains only the properties defined in the IApplicationEvent interface, as shown below:

Managing entities are explained in tutorial Entities, Page, Module. Tutorial Properties explains more information about managing entity properties.

Now we have a concrete implementation of IApplicationEvent so we can call the methods implemented in ApplicantEventManager static class to log any application event in database, as shown below. You can find view definitions of more methods of this class in tutorial ApplicantEventManager.