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Layout customisation using Boxes

We already learnt what a box is and how to use it in the Module boxes section. In this tutorial we will focus on different types of boxes available in M# and the different attributes.


Ajax Tab Panel

Displays the box as a tab, surrounded by a tab control.

Box with header inside

Displays a box with a h3 header inside.

Box with left icon

Displays a box with a header inside and an extra left column containing an image.

Collapsible panel

Displays a list of collapsible panels, by default hidden. The JavaScript is also generated for managing hide/show events on those panels.


Displays an HTML fieldset with the title as the legend.

Just H3 Header

Displays an h3 header before the box.

Panel (for default button)

Displays an ASP.NET Panel with a default button.

Properties box

Displays a box surrounded by CSS classes.

Simple wrapper (Span)

Displays controls surrounded by a span.

Update panel

Displays controls inside an ASP.NET Update panel.



Name of your box.


Text displayed in the header of the box. If not set, the text will be by default the Name of the box.

Container layout

Allows you to surround the displayed box. You have to specify the value "[#GROUP#]" in the value, it represents the content of the box.

Container css class

Allows you set a CSS class for the box.