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Partial Classes & Business Logic

In C# you can split the implementation of a class over many files by using the Partial keyword. M# generated entity classes use this keyword, allowing you to separate the entity structure and business logic that are placed in seprate folders, making it easier to write and manage code.

Entity Structure

M# creates a Partial Entity class when a developer creates an Entity in M#. This partial class contains all the properties, associations and default validation rules (Defined in M# during development e.g. Mandatory fields, number ranger etc.). M# places it under a separate folder called “Entities” within Model

During compilation, M# will create a C# file in the Entities folder of your Model project:


This file is auto-generated by M#, so you should not change the code in this file or your changes will be overwritten by M# during the next complilation. Tutorial Generated Code explains the code shown above in more detail.

Business Logic

File creation

This “Partial Class” is used to develop core business related functions including custom validation, persisting data, helper methods, and other custom business required behaviours. M# doesn’t create this Class by default. You can click on “Logic” and the “Open” buttons available in the “Code View” section to create a new or open an existing “Logic Class” in Visual Studio, which is placed in “Logic” folder as shown by the pictures below.


From this point you have to use Visual Studio to implement your business logic.
As an example we will implement some business logic for the Employee class.


Logic files are the central point of the application so have to be readable and all actions made by forms should call the appropriate method in the logic. No custom code should be written in your aspx files or you won't be able to perform unit tests and will have difficulty maintaining your project.