Fancy a personalised demo?

As with any new technology that promises order-of-magnitude advantages, IT managers should approach it with cautious and skeptisism.


That's why we offer free of charge technology demonstration and experimentation consultancy.

How does it work?

To prove the 4X productivity gains, we offer to arrange for a 3-4 hour  session with you or your developers. You can make up some requirements for a reasonably small, yet complex application, and watch one of our trained developers to build it with M#. 

It can be a business application you actually need, or an arbitrary specification of a database app, whatever makes it tick for you.

Hard evidence V.S. magician's show

Suppose you define an application complex enough to take a few days to build using standard tools. Now if we built that in an hour or two in front of you you will have actual evidence that it's all real. This will give you a first hand experience of the power of this technology.

You have probably seen many software/technology demos. In such demos, it's common to build a simplistic "Hello World" application fairly quickly, without getting into the realm of real-world complexities and customer expectations. That approach will not reveal the true power or weaknesses of a tool and thus won't provide you with enough proof as to whether it actually works.

Our approach however, will give you a hard-proof. Also it will be fun, interactive and educative!

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